1903 McKinley $1
Proof Presentation Format
Gem Proof [Uncertified]
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An amazing and historic item for the numismatic connoisseur: a gem proof McKinley Gold Dollar mounted in its original wax-sealed presentation card circa 1903.

Just the first 100 specimens of this issue were struck in proof format, with all then mounted on such presentation cards and distributed to favored insiders as well as Exposition and government officials. None were sold to coin collectors of the day, which is perhaps one reason that so few of these original displays survive.

The card is written in fanciful script, as shown, and describes this piece as follows:

This is to Certify, that the accompanying LOUISIANA PURCHASE EXPOSITION GOLD DOLLAR struck at the mint of the United States, Philadelphia, in accordance with the act of Congress approved June 28th, 1902, is one of the first one hundred impressions from the McKinley dies.

The original signatures of Coiner Rhine R. Freed and Mint Superintendent John H. Landis are seen below.

The coin itself is sealed in a clear case, viewable from the obverse and reverse. We were unable to take a high quality photo of the coin in the mount to include with this description, but under close examination it appears to us to be every bit the gem one would expect of a coin produced as an example of the coiner's art and untouched by human hands since.

The most recent auction record we could find of another McKinley Dollar with its original presentation card was in the August, 1983 ANA sale, where an example realized $10,450. There may have been others since, but we were unable to locate any despite our extensive library of auction catalogs and reference books.

We believe it is safe to say that they are very rare.

In all, truly a Museum Quality item which we are pleased to offer on this site.

Recently discovered in a frame hanging on the wall of an old New England home.

This coin is from the CRO archives and is not currently available for sale.


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