1799 Great Britain D
George III Type
MS65 RD [NGC Fatty]
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S-3778 variety, George III type.

A superb, incredibly fresh, full red gem with just a bit of mellowing in places (as one would expect), some cool die cracks on the obverse (which we have not observed before on this issue) and spectacular eye appeal (yes!).

Of note, this specimen is housed in a circa 1989 NGC Fatty holder, thus indicating that this coin has exhibited its full red color since it was graded 24 years ago and is therefore demonstrably stable, something which is less clear for many of the so-called RD coins on the market in new holders which may have had some 'assistance' in recent times and might not stay RD a few years from now.

Finally, this is the part of the description where the dealer often says something like "If this were a US Cent bearing this date, it would be worth about $3,000,000 in this condition.", but it isn't, so we won't.

This coin is from the CRO archives and is not currently available for sale.

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