Early Bird Notifications

Find Out First!

Every couple of weeks we send out our 'Early Bird Notification' email.

The Early Bird contains a list of our newest purchases, professionally photographed and described to the hilt, before they appear on our website.

Subscribers to the Early Bird will have the first shot at these coins; any coin not sold off the list will then appear on our website a few days later.

Many coins sell before they ever make it to our online inventory, so we encourage you to sign up - it's free, it's easy and there's no obligation.


We send out Early Bird Notifications after major coin shows (including all FUN, Long Beach, Baltimore, Central States and ANA events) and sometimes in-between shows, always on Tuesdays at noon east coast time.

Please refer to our home page Early Bird-o-Meter for the most up to date schedule.  You will also find reminder notices on our banner Message Board.

Subscription and Cancellation

We set up this system so that you (and you alone!) would have complete control over your own participation in the Early Birds.

We cannot sign you in if you don't want to receive our emails. 

You may subscribe to our Early Bird Notifications, or cancel your subscription, simply by entering your email address in the box and clicking the Opt-In or Opt-Out buttons.

For your protection, we use a double opt-in system. After opting in or opting out, you will receive a confirmation email. Please follow the instructions in the email to complete your action.

If you do not confirm, no action will be taken.

Note:  Once your name is added to the list, you will receive the next scheduled Early Bird Notification.
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