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January 15, 2006: Why should I buy from a dealer?


In our experience, this question is typically followed by a statement that goes something like this: “I can just buy from auctions myself, so I really don’t need to pay a dealer.”

We’ve heard this question and comment (or something pretty similar) from collectors, we’ve seen it posted in chatrooms, we’ve overheard it at shows and we’ve heard it posed as a hypothetical question in various drinking establishments after auctions late at night. And it’s a good question. So good, in fact, that we figured we’d go ahead and answer it right here.

The answer, in our minds, is really very simple. One should buy from a coin dealer because that dealer provides a valuable service which includes the following:

  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • ‘Eye’
  • Access to good coins

We believe the value of a dealer’s service should be measured in the productivity of your coin-buying dollars.

In other words, your money should go further and you should obtain better coins buying through a dealer than you could by buying on your own. If a dealer doesn’t provide that valuable service, then you don’t need that dealer. Period.

Our goal at CRO is to prove to our clients – over and over again – that we add value.

We believe we can demonstrate that we have expertise that is tangible, measurable and beneficial to our clients. We have proven experience, and have seen more coins over more years than most collectors would see in a lifetime. We spend considerable time, effort and money (our wives would replace ‘considerable’ with ‘ridiculous amounts of’) to research the market such that we can verify, or more often refute, the common wisdom about rarity and populations. And we have the contacts to seek out coins that otherwise would not be available to you. Not to mention the fact that we attend all major shows and auctions and spend just about all day, every day (ask our wives again) working on coins.

At the end of the day, we realize that if we can’t add value for our clients, then we won’t have any clients. That motivates us very strongly to work hard on your behalf.