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July 1, 2024: CRO’s ‘June by the Numbers’


We are delighted to present yet another installment of CRO’s ‘June by the Numbers’ in which we highlight the month numerically starting right now:

Two: Shows we attended, one local and one national.

1 of the 4: Wheels ripped off my luggage while flying to the national event, I guess by an overly aggressive baggage handler.

5 Days: Surprisingly short time it took to get that bag fixed at the local luggage store.

$495: Cost of the totally unnecessary new carry-on bag I bought while I was there since I felt guilty just hitting them up for a repair done under warranty.

Just 1: Early Birds sent out this month.

51, of course: Items listed on it, just like every other one we send out.

59%: Coins on it we’ve sold so far.

3545: Incorrect (and nonexistent) street address given to us by a customer to ship an EB coin.

3521: Address it should have been.

Shockingly, 0: Days this package was delayed actually getting to the customer. Hey, sometimes the USPS can surprise you.

1688: Date of the oldest coin we acquired this month.

MS67+: Highest graded coin we acquired.

8: Coins we split with other dealers this month. Sometimes initiated by us, sometimes by the other party, sometimes before the coins were acquired, sometimes after the fact, but only when it made sense and the 2nd dealer could add value in some way.

2-C: Variety attribution of the cool Fugio we acquired this month.

6+: Rarity rating of same.

3,401 Miles: Distance from our office to the Arctic archipelago location of the furthest CRO hat photo received this month.

Less than 4 Miles: Distance we drove to meet a local collector and deliver the closest EB coin.

One big one: Changes in the works for the CRO site  – so you might want to keep an eye out for that.