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June 23, 2019: The Devens, MA Monthly Coin Show

rr2019 06devens

After a couple of months hiatus since the last event here in Devens, Team CRO rolled into town bright and early on a beautiful, sunny summer Sunday.

Perhaps too beautiful” I thought to myself, the kind of weather that has people out water skiing or golfing instead of attending coin shows.

And while the weather might have kept some others away, it didn’t dissuade a pretty good crowd of collectors and local dealers from showing up early (including one attendee who seemed to be going for the best of both worlds, actually carrying a golf club with him on the bourse floor).

With everyone milling about, many looking at coins or offering us some, others weighing trade proposals or discussing collecting strategies.

All of which worked pretty well from our perspective, as we made some new contacts, did some fun show and telling, sold 7 coins, bought 4, finalized one medium sized deal and then completed another so large that it actually came with its own suitcase.  True.

So by the time we left, we were loaded for bear, pushed to the limit of our carrying capacity and feeling good about the ammo for our next Early Bird.

The schedule of which will be posted on our home page just as soon as we know it.