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June 23, 2024: The Devens, MA Monthly Show


We were delighted to see that it was raining here on Sunday morning for two reasons:

  1. Rain can boost coin show attendance, and
  2. I was not missing any prime golfing time

So we arrived in Devens, set up our booth using our 4-coins per row navy blue show display trays since of course the 3 coins per-row red ones were already in use containing Tuesday’s Early Bird (yes, we literally lay out the Early Bird using the same format as it will appear online).

And then while MaryAnn stayed at the table, I ran around the room like a crazy person looking for cool coins, but frankly not finding very many. I asked to see 5, and bought a total of two (2).

Then returned in time to meet up with a customer and return his coins which we had sent to CAC, deliver a coin that we recently sold off Instagram to another customer, sell two coins to show attendees, pay for a coin we received in the mail this last week from a local dealer, take one significant coin on consignment from a long time customer and generally knock a whole bunch of things off our to-do list in person that we’d have otherwise had to pack, collate, organize and mail.

Not much better luck buying though, as we deemed the things offered to us at the table insufficiently CROish.

And then after one last late sale to a regular Devens visitor, we headed out a bit earlier than usual since of course your author had to dive into the aforementioned EB prep in earnest, which will entail processing images for the next 12 hours (literally).

How successful will I be? See for yourself when our list goes out on Tuesday at noon, as usual.