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June 26, 2020: Dealer Day in Nashua, NH


They say it’s like riding a bike.  And here we had an opportunity to test that theory, as CRO attended our first coin show of any kind, size or shape since we were in Atlanta waaaaay back in February.  Wow.

But given the current Covid environment, we took what we could get, which based on limits of the size of gatherings allowed here would be a small, dealer-only event held at a Nashua hotel ballroom where we’d be one of only about 20 dealers in attendance, all wearing our mandatory masks, widely spaced at our tables, surrounded by bottles of hand sanitizer and (amazingly) with no one complaining about anything.

Frankly we were just happy to get back out there, looking forward to seeing everyone again, spreading out coins, hoping to buy a few new ones to help reload our by-now decimated website, and sell some stuff we’d accumulated in several recent deals.

And by any objective measure it was a rousing success, as we renewed acquaintances, saw some neat coins, contemplated a few others, found out about some upcoming deals, sold a robust 24 coins and bought 9 pretty cool ones.  Like this, for example:


Generally doing some excellent business before heading home in the mid-afternoon.

Where we will now shift focus to our next EB the schedule of which will be determined by the timing of our latest images, with the date then posted on our home page as soon as we know it.

So you might want to keep an eye out for that . . .