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June 6, 2024: Stream of Coin-sciousness


We continue to be amazed and dismayed (dismazed?) at the coin show schedule which has us extremely busy for the first 3 months of the year, and then thins out considerably. We have one major show in June to close out the first half, none in July and just one in August.

Perhaps one could explain this based on some seasonality argument (i.e. that coin collecting is not as popular during the warm summer months), but over 20+ years of doing this we’ve never observed much of a summer lull in our business. In fact, it is often the opposite around here.

So while we’ll be traveling less, we’ll be active on the website for the next many months, including making some significant upgrades we’ve had in the works for a while.

 •    •    • 

We’ve had a spate of collector friends express interest in getting into coin dealing recently, which I always encourage for several reasons:

  1. People encouraged me when I first started.
  2. Every new dealer is someone we can do business with in some way shape or form.
  3. Hey, the more the merrier.

To all I generally give 2 pieces of totally unsolicited advice:

  • Find your own niche / approach / style.
  • Do not start by putting your entire collection in a display case and selling it all off. I mean, sure, you can do that, but that is not coin dealing. Better to buy some coins for resale and hone your craft like that.

 •    •    • 

Including the box that arrived here today, we’ve acquired a series of cool collections / assemblages / groups of coins from many different collectors over the last 45 days.

Some coins were ready for market straight away (including many which were listed our last EB), while others are currently in the grading / stickering process. With all to be unleashed like a tornado at an upcoming show or on an EB list. Like this one, for example:

With a bunch more cool stuff en route to us as I type this sentence.

The best part? These coins are in every category we deal in, from colonials, to US, new holders, old holders, world coins and myriad tokens. So whatever it is you collect, I’m guessing we’re going to have something you’ll like.