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March 27, 2022: The Devens, MA Monthly Show


It was an extreeeeemely productive Sunday at Devens, as we accomplished pretty much everything we set out to do:

  • Got there on time despite MaryAnn only realizing at about midnight on Saturday that we would be heading to Devens early on Sunday AM.
  • Delivered 3 coins ordered off our last EB to 2 different local customers who came to our table to get them.
  • Scoured the floor for interesting CRO-style material and found 5 neat coins, 3 of them US, 2 of them world.  We actually found a 6th coin we could have bought, but it was just a little too far afield and a little too expensive, which is an unappetizing combination in my view.
  • Delivered a bunch of coins we split with another deal.
  • Picked up a bunch of coins we split with a different dealer.
  • Asked those same two dealers for an opinion on a coin we just bought as part of a recent collection and weren’t sure what to do with.
  • Took several coins on consignment from collectors to grade and/or CAC and then sell.
  • Ate a healthy salad for lunch.
  • Sold a bunch of coins – including one which we have owned for almost 6 months, and another we just bought on Thursday –  to various collector and dealer show attendees.
  • Made it home in time to write this blog and then begin early prep for the Whitman Baltimore Expo from where our next RR will be posted in just a few short days from now.

Keep an eye out for that?  Yes, you might want to.