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May 6, 2006: What makes a good client?


Someone asked us this at a recent show and, as is our want, we like to answer particularly interesting or provacative questions right here on the ol’ website. Like this, right now.

In fairness, we can only speak to what makes a good Coin Rarities Online client, and so that is how we will frame our response:

A good CRO client is an educated client, or a client that is interested in learning more about their area of focus. As we hope is evident based on the coins and descriptions on this site, we strive to offer carefully selected, high quality numismatic items with historical significance and an interesting story to tell. These are the items we ourselves enjoy and would choose to collect, and clients with a discerning eye for quality, who share our passion for such items and take an interest in the story behind the coin are our best clients.

A good CRO client is one who helps us help them. The better a client can articulate which attributes most appeal to them personally (and there are as many ways to collect as there are collectors) the more we can help source such items, steer the client away from coins that don’t meet their criteria and toward coins that do.

A good CRO client has a good understanding and realistic expectations of the quality, grade and price relationship of the coins they wish to acquire, and seeks our counsel to rationalize their objectives. Obtaining a choice, original Chain Cent at Greysheet bid is not a realistic expectation, for example, and clients who do not have realistic expectations are very difficult to satisfy and very likely to become frustrated.

A good CRO client deals with us as openly and honestly as we deal with them. We endeavor to earn a fair profit buying and selling coins and we hope to receive fair treatment and forthright dealings in return.

These attributes encompass a wide range of collectors across all facets of numismatics, some advanced in their collecting, others just getting started, several building multiple collections at once, some focused on very specialized areas, a lucky few with the means to pursue most everything, while the majority are operating carefully on a set budget.

Good clients come in all shapes and sizes and, in all cases, we are proud to be of service and take very seriously the trust that has been placed in us.