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Newman 5-D, Hodder 4.1-B, W-8480 variety, with the ornament at the date added by the engraver to camouflage the earlier misspelling of  CURRENCEY with an erroneous second ‘E’.  Considered to be Rarity-8 with just three specimens definitively traced as follows:

1)  The Norweb Specimen, about equal to the current coin and now locked up in a significant, long term New York collection.

2)  The current coin, traced to Christie’s 1990 auction and considered to be tied for finest known.

3)  The 1997 Spink America coin, in much lower grade, pedigreed to Waldo Newcomer, E.H.R. Green and B.J. Johnson, and now permanently impounded in the museum at Colonial Williamsburg.

Which makes this piece not only a pleasing, original example of this terribly rare type, and tied for finest known, but the only specimen likely to be available to collectors for some time to come.

The coin itself is a lovely pewter gray with some delicate golden and blue toning, and would be considered very choice for the grade if it were a ‘common’ variety.

In short, one of the finest pieces of Colonial coinage we (or any other dealers) have ever handled.

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