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1790-cro22041112 1790-cro22041112r

Middlesex-Spence’s D&H-831 variety.

First of a neat group of pleasing, relatively affordable Hangman tokens on our list.

This with the classic obverse depicting Thomas Paine hanging from a gibbet surrounded by the ‘END OF PAIN’ pun based on the fact that Paine was reviled by some in England during this period for his anti-Monarchial views.

The reverse inscription MAY THE KNAVE OF JACOBIN CLUBS NEVER GET A TRICK reverse plays on the double meaning of Knave for a rogue and a Jack in a deck of cards (a reference to the Jacobin Club, a far-left political movement at the time of the French Revolution, though the term came to refer to all supporters of revolutionary opinions).

The piece itself is a pleasing Chocolate brown Choice AU with nice surfaces and excellent eye appeal.


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Coin #: 531746  |  Cert. #: 43867701

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