1946-D Walking Liberty 50
CAC Gold Sticker
MS65 [NGC Black]
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Ah yes, the famous NGC generation 1.0 black slab (with the label on the back!), formerly a cult issue known only to the slab-collecting cognoscenti, but now a mainstream numismatic item that gets written up in CoinWorld.

We just bought this one in the GC auction where it was unstickered (not sure why) and sent it to CAC where it received a gold sticker (not surprisingly, since the coin itself is a lustrous, original knockout) and offer it here for your collecting consideration.

As an aside, other than us, I really can't recall seeing another one of these listed on a coin dealer's site.  And despite our best efforts to buy every one of these we could, we've only had 4 others in the last 15 years:  A Norfolk commem, a Liberty Nickel, a Peace $1, and, most recently, an 1837 No Stars Dime.  We actually owned a 5th, briefly - a $2.5 Lib we bought in an auction - but that arrived to us with a chunk missing from the slab and so we returned it.

So I think we can safely say that this a pretty tough thing to find in good shape with a desirable coin inside even for someone who is always looking for them, like us. 

Note that this coin has been verified by CAC with a Gold sticker indicating that it exceeds their standards for this grade level.   

This coin is from the CRO archives and is not currently available for sale.

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