1788 Massachusetts Half Cent
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Ryder 1-B, considered to be Rarity-1 as a variety, but certainly high Rarity-7 with the abundant mint red as seen here.

A stunning and unexpected coin; if we didn't own it, we would doubt that it could exist.  This piece has more original 18th century mint red remaining than we have ever seen or traced on any coin in this series.

The strike is sharp and even and the surfaces are mostly smooth and exceptionally lustrous, though there are some noticeable planchet striations, as made, at the lower obverse and the corresponding portion of the reverse. In our view, they are to be 'taken in context' and as such are really overwhelmed by the exceptional color and eye-appeal of this coin.

In all, we doubt you'll see another piece of Massachusetts copper (or any colonial state copper) with this much mint red anytime soon.

This coin is from the CRO archives and is not currently available for sale.


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