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March 16, 2020: Coin Collecting in an Uncertain World, Part 2

cc2020 03uncertainty

Remember Part 1?  Congrats on an excellent memory if you do, since we posted that Coin Commentary waaaay back in October of 2008(!).

The uncertainty referenced back then was a mere global financial crisis which imploded the stock market, made a lot of people a lot poorer and left us all scrambling to try to find our way.  Spoiler alert:  We eventually did.

This uncertain time (unfortunately) is more serious, with a scary pandemic and the resulting dramatic changes necessitated in all of our lifestyles.  And, of course, financial upheaval too.

And while we’re confident we’ll all find our way out of this one too, I’m sure a lot of us have many questions.

Such as where do we go from here?

The answer in the short term is absolutely nowhere, since we all been told to stay home.  Not that we’d have any shows to travel to anytime soon, since our upcoming major ones in Baltimore and Schaumburg have been cancelled.  As of today, the local ones haven’t been cancelled yet, though it certainly feels like they will be too.

Which means that, for now, we’ll be here with plenty of time to work on the website, bid on auctions, continue to try to find cool coins wherever we can and conduct online business as usual as long as the mail keeps running.

Anyone who wants to reach us can always do so by phone at our regular hours from 7 AM to 11 PM everyday.  Or you can of course email us anytime.

And we’ll be sending out Early Birds as always, with the timing of the next one to be posted on our home page just as soon as we know it.

Because at a time like this, we frankly think coin collecting makes a pretty nice diversion.

Especially when there are no sports on TV.