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Updated: September 27th 1:47PM ET
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1722 mg02734 1722 mg02734r

Martin 4.8-C.4, W-12810, with ‘Doubled Ribbons’ on the obverse, and 11 Harp Strings on the reverse.  This is the tough Type II Redbook variety with the reverse Harp on the right as seen on the much more common 1723 issue.  Considered to be fully Rarity-5.

And this is a very nice, wholesome, chocolate brown, problem free and well-made example of a rare and underrated issue most often seen in tough shape and with evidence of severe die distress in the form of myriad cracks and die rust.  Indeed, once this coin is gone, it will be a bear to find another one as pleasing as this.

Note that this coin has been verified by CAC.


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