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Crosby VII-32, Breen 1000, Vlack 15-85NY variety.

As well struck as this issue can be, perfectly centered on an unusually broad, round, smooth and hard planchet. The color is a choice golden tan and there is a suggestion of actual luster on the reverse.

This example also exhibits a completely full date, which while it is less unusual on this issue than past catalogers have suggested, is particularly desireable nonetheless.

According to our own research, this is the finest of just 18 traced examples as follows:

  1. Stack’s Ford II, May, 2004, Lot #285 (this specimen)
  2. Bowers Norweb II, March 1988, Lot #2623; Ex-Parmalee and seemingly the Crosby plate coin
  3. Stack’s October, 1991, Lot #1355
  4. Bowers Garrett 3, October, 1980, Lot #1336; Ex-Mills
  5. Stack’s June, 1981, Lot #48; Ex-J.E. Stiles
  6. Roper, December 1983, Lot #211
  7. New Netherlands’ 59th, June 1967, Lot #1066
  8. Doyle’s Loye Lauder, December 1983, Lot #193
  9. Bower’s November, 2002, Lot #174; Ex-Laird Park
  10. Stack’s Oechsner, September 1988, Lot #1005; Ex-New Netherlands’ 59th, June 1967, Lot#1065
  11. Stack’s Robison, February 1982, Lot #100
  12. Bowers January, 1988, Lot #32
  13. Goldberg September, 2002 Lot #54; Ex-C4, November 2000, Lot #73
  14. Stack’s Winter, January, 1992, Lot #163
  15. Ebay, May, 2004
  16. Stack’s January, 1992, Lot #164
  17. Pine Tree Altman-Haffner, April, 1975, Lot #665
  18. Stack’s Steinberg, October, 1989, Lot #69

We suspect there may be at least a few additional examples which we have not uncovered in our research, though we note that the Ford cataloger referenced just 14 different specimens, and the census included in the Norweb sale catalog listed only 8.

Regardless of the total number of survivors, we can conclude that this is a very rare item in what may be absolutely unimproveable condition.


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