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1913 kv03666s 1913 kv03666

According to the latest census info, this is the only copper coin of any kind in a PCGS White Rattler 1.1 slab (or a White Rattler 1.0 for that matter). How cool is that?  Very.

And this is a pretty heady coin, a superb, full red gem that some thought might be a proof in a MS holder.  Alas, it isn’t – and that’s a good thing, since someone otherwise almost certainly would have cracked it out or reholdered it at some point in the last 36 years.

Note that this coin has been verified by CAC.

This coin is from the CRO archives and is not currently available for sale.

1913 kv03666r

Coin #: 2461  |  Cert. #: 1081572

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