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Hodder 1-A, W-1010 Large Bust variety, estimated by us to be High Rarity-5 with many of those damaged, impaired, holed (and/or plugged), or well worn.

Indeed, in recent years the only high grade Maryland 4p to come to market has been the profoundly double struck Wayte Raymond plate coin, and while that is technically AU, it is not exactly what collectors typically seek for a type set.

The last high grade piece with a ‘normal’ strike was the Eliasberg specimen which last traded in April, 1996 (when I was much younger).

Even the epic Ford II sale in May 2004, which contained the finest known Lord Baltimore Denarium, a nice Sixpence, another Sixpence with the rare legend error and a lovely Shilling, was missing this denomination.  And we now know why, as the present specimen was in fact Ford’s example, apparently sold by him to Ted Craige in the late 1960’s.

And it’s hard to understand why, as this is among the nicest one could hope to find, with rich coin gray color, deeper toning at the devices and excellent eye appeal. 

I suppose one could ask for a similarly choice, original coin with a better a strike in the central obverse, but I’m not sure such a specimen exists, and if it does, it would be very, very expensive.

Ex Stack’s Bowers March 2013 sale of the Ted Craige Collection, lot #2; earlier ex John Ford, earlier F.C.C. Boyd.

Note that this coin has been verified by CAC


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