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1781 kv01521 1781 kv01521r

Betts-615, struck in Bronze.

A classic piece which has a rightful place in any collection of early American coins.

Conceived by Benjamin Franklin, engraved by Augustin Dupré, of undeniable numismatic import, rich in symbolism and occupying the exalted position #1 in The 100 Greatest Medals and Tokens by Jaeger and Bowers.

With the obverse depiction of Miss Liberty as later adopted for the 1793 Half Cent above 4 July 1776.

The reverse legend NON SINE DIIS ANIMOSUS INFANS is Latin for “The Courageous Child was Aided by the Gods”, as depicted beneath by the courageous infant America aided by the Goddess Minerva (symbolizing France) in the struggle against the English Lion, with the dates of victories at Saratoga and Yorktown in exergue.

And this is a lovely, honey brown example with a pristine cheek, hard, reflective surfaces, tantalizing hints of faded red in the reverse devices and is just a few old marks away from an even higher grade.

Note that this coin has been verified by CAC.


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Coin #: 151815  |  Cert. #: 84175138

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